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Decorative Designs

Whether you want a grand entrance or simple curbing done around your flower beds, we have the knowledge and expertise to give you the look you’ve been wanting. Decorative concrete curbing will enhance the appearance of your home while adding value!

Custom Concrete Landscape Designs

Our process is simple and to the point. Before the installation process can begin one of our professional team members will meet with you and go over various options such as colors, profiles, and stamps that will make a great fit for your home. At this point, we will provide an estimate.

Once everything is in place we will begin the installation process. There’s no need for any concrete trucks or deep excavation, we do all our mixing on site. Our team will start by prepping the areas where borders are to be installed. The best part is that concrete edging doesn’t attract insects like most other products would. Next, we will prepare the mix for the curb making sure it gets a nice finish before applying a stamp impression. Once the stamping process is done a release agent is added and control cuts are put in place, which will allow for curbing to expand and contract.

Concrete has to cure for at least a day. We will then wash off any excess release agent and apply an industrial cure and seal to your new concrete. We recommend re-sealing your concrete every few years to keep it looking new and fresh.

Curb Slant 1

The slant style has the ability to hold in gardening material, unlike other styles. It has a higher backend and lower front end to allow for lawn mowing.

Curb 2

This style is great for curb appeal and also accommodates a lawn mower tire, as well as a higher backside to retain gardening materials.


This style is a 6×4 curb and is very simple, but also appealing.

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