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What’s nicer than coming home to a beautiful vibrant green, lush lawn? Let us take your lawns from withering (or non-existent!) to wonderful and luxurious. We offer expert sod installation services for new homes or established lawns that are in need of a renovation! We also provide ground prep (new screened topsoil, leveling, and proper grading).

We’re Lawn Care Professionals

Get in touch with us today to get your lawn or property green! Our professional team will handle your lawn or property with the best care possible. We have the experience it takes to properly prepare an area and lay sod to get healthy growth. We use thick sod rolls with a dense grass composition.

You never need to feel your choice of lawn service is a gamble – we stand behind our products and our work at all times. Feel free to come into our office and talk to us about our product and service warranties.

Lawn And Sod

If you’re interested in our landscaping services, give us a call at (403) 330-6185 or send us an email to receive a free quote.

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